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Staff Village

  • Manage room allocations for Village n Life employees
  • Liaise with residential Coordinator with regards to unresolved maintenance and housekeeping grievances
  • Assist with obtaining rent payments from Village n Life employees and payments to Club Resco
  • Assist with the calculations should and employee not pay the standard rent for the room
  • Custodian of rental agreements for the staff and main rental agreements with Club Resco

Staff Wellness

  • Executing rewards and recognition programmes, including 5 & 10 year
  • plus, annual ownership awards
  • Ensure protocol relating to staff functions and benefits are offered
  • Ensure annual Community and Social Support responsibility programmes
  • Assist with staff housing and transport programmes
  • Coordination and telephone assistance
  • Chairman’s special welfare programme

Pension fund, life insurance, funeral and income protection administration

  • Communication and positive sign up to the pension fund
  • Assistance with registration and pay outs
  • Evaluation of pension fund investment’s performance with Wealth office
  • Coordination of annual Old Mutual training

Corrective Management

  • Advice on discipline and performance management
  • Coordination, preparation, acting as charge officer or chairing of disciplinary hearings
  • Representation of CCMA and labour court.
  • Maintaining HR compliance.
  • Special projects according to Code A and Code C practices

Annual Programmes

  • Oversee the annual programmes which include:
  • Annual inflationary adjustment
  • Annual review and HR status protocol
  • Annual bonus protocol
  • Annual leave planning and schedule
  • Personal development and career development protocol

Policy files

  • Input and secondary custodianship of the following master policy files
  • in conjunction with the company secretary
  • Village n Life Group Policy Manual
  • Village n Life Remuneration Manual
  • Village n Life Benefits Manual

Statutory compliance matters

  • Employment Equity protocol and submissions to Department of Labour requirements
  • WCA protocol and claims
  • Union and bargaining council protocol
  • Annual training report

Man plan

  • Annual setting up and custodians of master manplans
  • Remuneration levels and salary bands
  • Maintaining of master file
  • Job descriptions and review criteria
  • Maintaining master job description file

Restructuring and change management

  • Coordination of the organisations restructuring process

Dress code and uniforms

  • Maintaining master dress code and uniform manual

Labour law consulting

  • Coordinate legal matters and compliance with management and ILS

Training and development

  • Managing a structured, defined and accountable training and development programme


  • Ensure recruitment protocol is followed

HR audits

  • Schedule visits and structured HR audits of products and business units


  • Ensure induction protocol is followed

Marketing of fraud and theft online

Grievance procedure

  • Ensure grievance procedures are communicated to all staff

Personal Information (optional)